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Voting Machines, Patents, and National Security

When standard-essential patents (SEPs) are in the news, it’s usually in the context of cellular or wireless networking standards.  Maybe you’ve thought about how standards govern other things, ranging from audio-visual encoding standards like MP3 to threads on fire hydrants. But what you probably don’t think about are voting machine standards.

Nartron IPRs a Touchstone For Understanding PTAB Discretion

The PTAB’s recent institution decisions in petitions filed against US5,796,183, a touchscreen patent owned by Nartron, are useful in understanding how the PTAB can be expected to address other situations with multiple simultaneous petitions, especially when a later petitioner may be able to benefit from a decision on an earlier petition.

STRONGER Patents—Bad Legislation

Yesterday, the STRONGER Patents Act of 2019 was introduced by Senators Chris Coons and Tom Cotton, along with a House companion bill introduced by Reps. Steve Stivers and Bill Foster.  The bill looks much like the last two times it was introduced [1][2], but there have been a few changes.

It’s The End Of The Podcast Patent And We Know It

In eagerly awaited news, the Federal Circuit affirmed the Patent Trial and Appeals Board (PTAB) determination that Personal Audio’s U.S. Pat. No. 8,112,504 is invalid based on an inter partes review petition from the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF). That’s right.  The podcast patent is dead.  And I feel fine. Stand(ing) Setting aside the merits of…

STRONGER Patents, WEAKER Innovation

Yesterday, Senator Coons introduced his STRONGER Patents Act.  Senator Coons provided a section-by-section description of the bill, as well as the text of the bill.  And after reading it, I have some concerns.  Patent Progress previously covered Senator Coons’ STRONG Patents Act.  Much of STRONG Patents wound up in STRONGER Patents, and our analysis back…