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Why It’s a Good Thing If Michelle Lee Stays at USPTO

Well, this would be a nice surprise: it seems that Michelle Lee may be staying on as Director of the US Patent & Trademark Office. Director Lee has done a great job for businesses and innovators over the last few years. Perhaps her most important contribution has been her recognition that the USPTO issued a…

Michelle Lee’s Nomination Hearing Goes Smoothly

There were no big surprises in today’s hearing on Michelle Lee’s nomination as head of the USPTO. The Committee went fairly easy on her with their questions, with the possible exception of Senator Durbin, who admits that he knows nothing about patents or patent law, but seems convinced by his Illinois constituents that there is…

Michelle Lee Is a Good Choice to Head the PTO

The White House announced yesterday that it’s nominating current Deputy Director Michelle Lee to be Director of the . By all accounts, she’s done a good job during a difficult time at the USPTO. This is definitely a smart move by the Administration. We’ll have more to say on this later.