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GAO Report on Patent Quality Summarized (Cartoon)

The GAO recently did a study on patent quality. It found that part of the reason so many patents are low quality is the pressures patent examiners are under to allow more patents.

GAO Identifies Ways for PTO to Improve Patents

(Cross-posted at Medium) Even if you’re not a patent lawyer, you’ve probably noticed that patents have been in the news more. The growing problem of patent trolls, companies who make their money b...

Roundup of This Week’s Patent News: August 30 Edition

And we’re back!  Our posting volume dropped in August, but the Patent Progress blog is back in action. August hasn’t been very busy with developments on patent reform, due to Congress not being i...

Hiding the Patent Troll Problem with Statistics

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) just released its long-awaited study on the consequences of patent litigation by NPEs, and we’ve been hearing story after story reporting that the report s...

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