GAO Report on Patent Quality Summarized (Cartoon)

The GAO recently did a study on patent quality. It found that part of the reason so many patents are low quality is the pressures patent examiners are under to allow more patents.

Universities and Patent Reform

Patent Reform Opponents Oppose Reality, Too

Why Universities Oppose Real Patent Reform: Money

Universities have been vocal opponents of real patent litigation reform measures. And other reform opponents have swung the squeaky-clean image of the ivory tower like a club. The presidents of Clems...

A “Balanced” Patent Bill

Oh No! Minor Changes to the Patent System Are Coming!

Real Inventor Adventures (What Save the Inventor Didn’t Tell You)

As I noted last fall, the Innovation Alliance is pushing its claim that all sorts of catastrophes will befall individual inventors if we pass patent reform. Recently, through its "Save the Inventor"...

A Patent Troll Explains the Drop in Suits

Many thanks to the Consumer Electronics Association, which gave us permission to use its troll figure.

The Smartphone Patent Wars Celebrate 5th Anniversary

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