Joe Matal is a former Acting Director and Acting Solicitor of the USPTO and a current partner at Haynes and Boone, where he specializes in PTAB trials and Federal Circuit appeals.

The PREVAIL Act: A Step Backward for Patent Policy

How often does someone offer you an option that is not only cheaper and faster, but also better?  Not very often, I would guess.   Yet that is what is provided to patent litigants via patent val...

AG Mukasey Winning WSJ Debate Over Fintiv Denials

The recent back-and-forth in the Wall Street Journal between former Attorney General Michael Mukasey and former Federal Circuit Chief Judge Paul Michel is telling about the state of the debate over PT...
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A Solution to the OpenSky Problem

I have written several times about the $2.2 billion verdict in the VLSI v. Intel case.  The case is extraordinary not just because of the size of the verdict, but because Intel was blocked from c...

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