FTC Commissioner Brill Says, Don’t Wait to Do Patent Reform

Today, CCIA and AAI co-sponsored a great event at the National Press Club, “Scrutinizing Patent Trolls: What Competition Enforcers Are Doing.” If you missed it, you can watch the webcast. FTC Commissioner Julie Brill gave a terrific keynote address, highlighting the fact that the FTC was founded 100 years ago and giving a fascinating history of the agency.

Commissioner Brill did give us some news on the FTC’s 6(b) study on PAEs: the FTC is aiming to have the study done by the end of 2015. This is definitely faster than many of us expected.

But Commissioner Brill’s main point was that we shouldn’t wait for the study to be concluded before pursuing legislation against PAEs. There’s no question that the PAE problem exists and is getting worse; she made clear that the new Congress should act immediately after taking office.