PublishedMay 1, 2014

The Waiting is the Hardest Part – Patent Markup Delayed

You may have heard that we have to wait a little longer for the Senate Judiciary markup of the patent reform bill. It’s now looking like markup will be next week.

As I wrote recently, there are details to be worked out, and that does take time. But my sources in the Senate are confirming that they really are making progress, and we really are likely to see a manager’s amendment soon.

Senator Leahy is doing a great job leading this process through the Judiciary, getting input from everyone, and working to build a solid bill.

Meanwhile, Senators are hearing from those who want to weaken the bill as much as possible. So it’s critical that we keep letting Senators know that we support their work towards meaningful patent reform.

You can take action now to help make sure we get a good bill soon!

Matt Levy

Previously, Matt was patent counsel at the Computer & Communications Industry Association

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