PublishedFebruary 21, 2014

Irony Death Watch: Intellectual Ventures Forms PAC

I just heard the news that Intellectual Ventures formed a political action committee, apparently to lobby against patent reform. It’s certainly an interesting use of IV’s funds at a time when the company is laying off workers.

I completely understand IV’s desire to improve its image. But I think that this move will be perceived kind of like potholes forming a PAC to lobby against road maintenance.

At some point, IV may just have to face the reality that the hate directed towards it isn’t just about a poor product launch. Americans instinctively don’t like it when someone comes along to claim a piece of something he didn’t have any part in building, but that’s how IV makes its money.

Intellectual Ventures can buy political ads and donate to candidates, but I really don’t think patent trolling is going to become politically popular, no matter how much IV spends.

Matt Levy

Previously, Matt was patent counsel at the Computer & Communications Industry Association

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