Welcome to Patent Progress

Welcome to Patent Progress.  On November 14, 2012, CCIA launched Patent Progress to serve as a resource for everyone trying to navigate the patent litigation and policy landscape.  The home page will be home to our blog – where we will be providing timely and newsworthy commentary on the key patent issues of the day, as well as bigger picture thought pieces on how we can properly reform our patent system.

Please visit the Document Center, where we have provided summaries of many of the key patent litigation cases, including the smartphone patent wars and prominent troll suits.  Along with the summaries, we have included copies of key court filings and the patents being litigated in these cases.  Over the upcoming weeks, we will be uploading more cases and documents in to the Document Center, as well as interesting law review and scholarly articles.

We hope you will find the site to be as valuable a resource as we believe it will be.  If you have any questions or suggestions, please email us at [email protected].

Thank you.