Patent Progress’s Guide to State Patent Legislation

States Acting Against Bad Faith Patent Infringement Assertions

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Summary by State (as of 8/11/2014)

State Bill Status Notes
Alabama S.B. 121 Signed into law
Connecticut S.B. 258 Passed by Connecticut Senate
Georgia H.B. 809 Signed into law
Idaho S.B. 1354 Signed into law.
Illinois S.B. 3405 Illinois legislature passed the bill, which is awaiting the governor’s signature
Kansas H.B. 2663 Stalled in committee.
Kentucky S.B. 116 Passed by Kentucky Senate
Louisiana S.B. 255 Signed into law.
Maine S.P. 654 Signed into law.
Maryland S.B. 585 Signed into law.
Michigan H.B. 5701 Introduced in the Michigan House of Representatives
Mississippi H.B. 521 Stalled in Senate Judiciary Committee Bill passed House
Missouri H.B. 1374 Signed into law.
Nebraska L.B. 677 Indefinitely postponed Nebraska has unicameral legislature, so only one legislative body considers bills
New Hampshire S.B. 303 New Hampshire legislature passed the bill, which is awaiting the governor’s signature
New Jersey S. 1563 Introduced in New Jersey Senate
North Carolina H.B. 1032 Signed into law
Ohio H.B. 573 Introduced in Ohio House
Oklahoma H.B. 2837 Signed into law
Oregon S.B. 1540 Signed into law
Pennsylvania S.B. 1222 Introduced in Pennsylvania Senate
Rhode Island S.B. 2822 Passed by Rhode Island Senate
South Carolina H. 4629 Introduced in House of Representatives
South Dakota S.B. 143 Signed into law
Tennessee H.B. 2117 Signed into law
Utah H.B. 117 Signed into law
Vermont Vermont’s Act 44 Signed into law First state to enact a consumer protection law against bad faith patent infringement
Virginia H.B. 375 Signed into law
Wisconsin S.B. 498 (Act 339) Signed into law


The above map and table were compiled with the help of this Bloomberg BNA article by Tony Dutra.