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Matt Levy is Patent Counsel at the Computer and Communications Industry Association, where he handles legal, policy advocacy, and regulatory matters related to patents and is lead blogger for CCIA’s Patent Progress. He is recognized as an expert on patent litigation reform and is cited and quoted widely on the issue.

Matt joined the CCIA in 2013 from private practice, where he got first-hand experience in both patent prosecution and patent litigation, including defending clients against patent assertion entities.

Matt graduated from the Georgetown University Law Center magna cum laude with the Order of the Coif, winning the ABA/BNA Award for Excellence in Intellectual Property. He received a Master’s in Computer Science from the University of Kentucky, where he won the Presidential Fellowship twice. His research at UK was in computational complexity theory and artificial intelligence. He received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Southern Maine.

Before law school, Matt was a software engineer at IBM in Lexington, KY, as part of the team that developed and maintained Lotus Sametime, IBM’s real-time messaging and conferencing product. He is co-inventor on U.S. Patents Nos. 8,521,830 and 9,313,273.

Matt is still a software developer in his spare time. He developed an app for the iPad, Federal Local Rules.

Matt is also a blues guitarist.

Posts by Matt Levy

Samsung v. Apple, Explained

(This post was cross-posted at Huffington Post) Tomorrow, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in Samsung v. Apple, a case about design patents. This is an important case, and the parties do have a lot at stake: the district court awarded Apple $399 million in damages for design patent infringement. That $399 million represents the…

Opposition to Venue Reform Misses Target

Tyler, Texas welcomes patent  owners

Note: The original version of this post first appeared at IPWatchdog. A group of 28 law professors just sent a letter to Congress opposing patent venue reform. As I’ll explain below, however, their points really don’t justify delaying venue reform. As you probably know, more patent cases are brought in the Eastern District of Texas than…

Alice Helps Another Company Stop a Patent Troll

Michael Skelps, the General Manager of Capstone Photography, has a piece in the Hill today. It seems that Capstone got sued by a patent troll a few years ago. Capstone, which is a small business based in Connecticut, had to lay off 60% of its staff in fighting that troll; Capstone managed to survive because…

Update: PTO Releases Case Study Topics

Following up on this post, the USPTO has released its case study topics: 1) Evaluation of the deviation of 35 U.S.C. §101 rejections from official guidance, correctness of rejections and completeness of the analysis. This study will evaluate whether examiners are properly making subject matter eligibility rejections under 35 U.S.C. §101 and clearly communicating their…

Proposed PTO Case Studies Show Common Concerns

Case Study words stamped in red ink on a manila file folder to illustrate a good example or best practice to explore, read or study

The USPTO recently requested proposals for case studies that the Office might do in order to improve patent prosecution. There were over 100 proposals submitted from associations, companies, law firms, and individuals. There are definitely some proposals that the USPTO should use. I’m hoping that at the USPTO’s Patent Quality Community Symposium on Wednesday, some…