Much Ado About Injunctions

It’s become an article of faith among those complaining that patent reform has gone too far that the 2006 eBay case must be overturned—but that assertion doesn't appear to be backed up by the facts.

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Granted In 19 Hours

Patent examiners have an extremely hard job.  They’re given a patent application—which could be anywhere from a page long up to hundreds of pages, with patent claims ranging from a…

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Meet the Western District of Texas—NPEs Certainly Have

For years, the Eastern District of Texas was the favored stomping ground for patent trolls.  Short times from filing to trial, shorter trials, judges with local rules friendly to patent plaintiffs, and a jury pool that tended to be friendly to plaintiffs all contributed to this.  It probably didn’t hurt that Eastern District judges were significantly less likely than average to grant defendants summary judgment and, more recently, significantly less likely to stay a case pending IPR.

And NPEs were likely particularly interested in the fact that the Eastern District gave NPEs a win at trial almost twice as often as the average court would.

But with the Supreme Court’s 2017 TC Heartland decision, NPEs had a much harder time suing defendants in the Eastern District.  Since most defendants had no presence in the district, NPEs could no longer rely on it being an option in their lawsuits, especially after some of the more far-reaching attempts to keep cases in Eastern Texas were slapped down by the Federal Circuit.

Enter Judge Alan Albright and the Western District of Texas.

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GNOME Slays Troll

Last year, Patent Progress reported on a troll targeting the GNOME Foundation, a major open source coordinating entity.  Despite Director Iancu’s public statement claiming that trolls are a myth, this troll was very real.  In fact, it was one of the Rothschild NPEs, one of a plethora of companies Leigh Rothschild has used in nearly…

Thryv, the PTAB, and the APA

April’s Thryv decision by the Supreme Court clarified the nonappealability of institution decisions in inter partes review (IPR).  But by placing an absolute bar on appeal of institution decisions, Thryv effectively insulated the PTO’s choice of institution rules from appeal.  That’s not a good situation, and it’s one which the Director should actively seek to…

Open COVID Science Shows Patents Not The Only Incentive

The standard economic justification for patents is that they provide an incentive for inventions that we wouldn’t otherwise have.  In exchange for providing a patent owner with compensation for its invention, the inventor describes a new idea to the public and 20 years later, the public can use it.   There’s a lot of reasons why…

PTO Patent Licensing Marketplace Shows Potential, But Will Licensors Embrace It?

This month, the PTO announced that it would be opening up an online licensing market, “Patents 4 Partnerships.”  The market, which will initially focus on COVID-related patents, is intended to provide a centralized and easily accessible database of U.S. patents and published patent applications that have been voluntarily made available for licensing. There’s a number…