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A Critique of Haber’s Study Claiming That PAEs Are Beneficial

Modern Working

Professor Stephen Haber of Stanford recently came out with a paper that, according to him, “suggests in new research that concerns about too much litigation involving patents is misguided.” We believe that the results of our experiment may have two important implications for understanding whether PAEs help or hinder the rate of innovation. First, PAEs…

The Debate Should Be Over: Patent Litigation Is Back Up

Judge's gavel in hand on grey background

It looks like that dip in patent litigation last year is over: patent lawsuit filings are up, and they’re actually higher than the same periods last year. According to Lex Machina’s data, in January this year, there were 442 patent cases filed compared with 334 cases in January 2014. That’s a 32% increase. In February…

Updated State Patent Legislation Guide

Patent Progress’s Guide to State Patent Legislation is regularly updated at least once a week, so please check it regularly. (We’re working on adding a notification system you can subscribe to.) We have also added a new feature: you can embed the interactive map on your web page! If you go to the Guide, you’ll…